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Egyptian government reveals unprecedented decision for citizens due to Sudanese crisis


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Egypt’s Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Ali Al-Moseli, said steps were being taken to gradually raise food prices to keep citizens alive for a few days.

During a press conference, Ali Al-Moseli explained, “Because of the Sudanese crisis, there is an opportunity to import very good meat from Somalia and Chad.”

And the Ministry of Supply and Domestic Trade previously announced that the supply of local wheat harvest from farmers has increased to 285,000 tons of wheat from farmers through 420 receiving points across the country from the start of the harvest season and delivery in mid-April until now.

Al-Moseli also instructed the mill and elevator companies to provide every opportunity to farmers to ensure an increase in supply.

He indicated that the ministry has storage capacities and capacities up to 5.5 million tons, explaining that these storage capacities include all sites, elevators, hangars and banks owned by the Ministry of Supply and marketing agencies, in addition to sites and elevators private sector if necessary.

Source: Cairo 24

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