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Egyptian Government to Subsidize Bread by Funding Diesel Fuel Cost Difference


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Egyptian Minister of Supply Ali Al-Moseli announced that “the state, through the General Directorate of Goods Supply, will take over the difference in the cost of diesel fuel for owners of subsidized municipal diesel-fuelled bakeries.”

In detail, Al-Moselhi said: “The state, through the General Directorate for the Supply of Goods, which is part of the ministry, will bear the difference in the production cost of a loaf of bread produced in municipal diesel-fueled bakeries, after the decision of the Automated Pricing Committee on oil products, which decided to change prices for diesel fuel and fix prices for gasoline.

Al-Moselhi Ali stressed that “the citizen receives subsidized municipal bread on the card only at the price of 5 piastres, while the state continues to bear the difference in the cost of production and pay it to bakeries through the Commodity Supply Authority.” , and this is part of the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade’s push to provide Ali with subsidized municipal bread.” Food cards and payments to citizens on a regular basis.

Source: RT

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