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Egyptian Military Aims to Develop Atmospheric Water Generation Device.


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The Ministry of Military Production of Egypt discussed the position of the executive branch regarding the production of a device that produces water from atmospheric air, in cooperation with Japan.

Military production in cooperation between the Center for Science and Technology Excellence of the Ministry and the Japanese company Mizuha has been developing and studying the manufacture of a device for extracting water from the air, since a cooperation protocol was signed with the Japanese company Mizuha in November 2022, with the aim of cooperation in manufacturing devices for extracting water from the air, suitable for the Egyptian atmosphere, and selling it in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.

Benha Electronics Company (Al-Harbi Plant 144) will produce the PCB electronic circuits for this device, and Helwan Metal Appliances (Al-Harbi Plant 360) disassembled a sample of this device to identify the components of the entire device and the function of each part. Indeed, the company has succeeded in manufacturing (30 Metal Part Includes most of the metal parts of the device.

According to the Ministry of War Production, the Japanese company, for its part, purchased a number of components that were not available locally, and the version with which it participated in the manufacture is currently being tested before its final approval and approval.

Source: RT

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