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Egyptian Parliament Denies Amendments to Cigarette Laws, Blames Price Increase on Traders’ Greed


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Egyptian Parliament Denies Amendments to Cigarette Laws

A member of the Egyptian Parliament’s Planning and Budget Committee, Representative Yasser Omar, has confirmed that no changes have been made to the laws related to cigarettes. Furthermore, the House of Representatives has not received any legislation regarding this matter.

Price Increase Result of Trader Exploitation

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In a telephone interview with Al-Hayat al-Youm, Yasser Omar explained that the recent rise in cigarette prices can be attributed to the greed of traders who take advantage of crises. Omar also highlighted that the prices of companies selling imported cigarettes have escalated due to global crises and increased raw material costs. However, the number of importing companies is limited.

Combating Merchant Greed as a Solution

Representative Yasser Omar, who serves as a member of the Parliamentary Planning and Budget Committee and leads the Tobacco Department of the Federation of Industries, emphasized that curbing the greed of merchants would lead to a decrease in cigarette prices, which he believes is the optimal solution.

Source: The Seventh Day

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