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Egyptian Prime Minister draws attention to the matter of “life or death” for the state


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Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli said the population growth file is a matter of “life or death” for the state, and the need to rationalize this increase must be recognized.

He added during a press conference: “The state has a family development strategy and a financial program will be announced that will be allocated to Egyptian women who will commit themselves to having no more than two children. receive when they reach a certain age.”

Madbouli said: “We have a strategy as a country. The most important thing that will be announced soon in terms of the financial program aimed at the women of Egypt. Part of the incentives that will be announced very soon, apart from the medical or medical aspect that guarantees assistance to Egyptian families in regulating population growth.

He noted that the government today discussed ways to expand desalination projects, despite the very high cost of projects of this type, noting that there are no other alternatives to provide water used to increase agricultural areas.

Source: Egyptian media

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