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Egyptologist reveals Pyramids served as electrical and lighting stations, not just tombs


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Dr. Wassim El-Sisi, an Egyptologist, said that some of the opinions represented around the world believe that the pyramids are more than just tombs.

Al-Sisi added via the An-Nahar satellite channel on Wednesday evening that some of these opinions believe the pyramids are power generation and lighting stations.

The Egyptologist explained this opinion by saying that “the wall of the king’s chamber consists of silicon quartz, which generates energy, which is connected to copper rods at the base of the pyramid.”

He pointed out that the obelisk of “Thutmose the Third” was written on it: “The top of this obelisk is made of pure gold, but it radiates light on everything around it.” made of silicon quartz granite, which can emit light around itself.

Source: Al-Masri Al-Youm.

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