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Elden Ring: The Rise of a New Action-RPG Genre and its Potential Impact on Armored Core 6


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Elden Ring: A New Genre of Action-RPG

Since 2011, the FromSoftware studio has gained recognition for its challenging action-RPGs, particularly with the success of Dark Souls. This has spawned a new genre in the world of video games known as “Souls-like.” Over the years, the team has showcased their expertise with two sequels, Bloodborne and Sekiro, and their latest release, Elden Ring. What sets Elden Ring apart is that it embraces the familiar iconography, gameplay, and difficulty of Dark Souls, but for the first time, in an open world setting.

Elden Ring has garnered critical acclaim with a 96/100 score on Metacritic and has sold 20 million units in just one year (as of February 2023). By comparison, the Dark Souls franchise, excluding Japan, sold 33 million copies between September 2011 and March 2022. Clearly, Elden Ring has become a juggernaut for the genre.

The Potential Impact on Armored Core 6

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Following the success of Elden Ring, there are high hopes for Armored Core 6, the latest installment of a franchise that has been dormant for a decade. During Gamescom 2023, Arnaud Muller, CEO of Bandai Namco Europe, expressed his optimism for the launch of Armored Core 6 on a much larger scale.

Muller cites two factors for this optimism. Firstly, FromSoftware’s reputation for delivering high-quality games has become a guarantee in the industry. Secondly, the studio’s expertise and experience acquired over the years will provide a new dimension to Armored Core. “We have a great game on our hands,” says Muller, highlighting the faithful combat system that fans of FromSoftware have come to expect.

A New Era for Armored Core

Muller sees an opportunity to expand the audience for Armored Core games with higher expectations compared to previous installments (although not on par with Elden Ring). This represents a significant step forward for the franchise. The title has received positive reviews, with an 87/100 score on Metacritic and a 17/20 rating on JV. Critics particularly praised the seamless gameplay and fast-paced action.

In Armored Core 6, players will assume the role of a mecha pilot navigating the war-torn planet Rubicon, undertaking missions in an ongoing conflict.

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