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Electronic driver’s licenses appeared in "General car services"


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Moscow, January 13 – The electronic version of the driver’s license has become available at “Gosuslugi Avto”, according to Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development.
“An electronic copy of a driver’s license has appeared in the State Services Auto application. There is also a digital copy of the STS, which is the second main document that traffic inspectors demand from drivers. This became possible thanks to the joint work of the Ministry of Digital Development and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The service’s mobile application works The same government service since 2021. It is now used by more than 2.5 million drivers, ”says the ministry’s Telegram channel.
It is explained that it is possible to submit a driver’s license and CTC electronically using the app even without internet access. The application also provides online registration for the European protocol, payment and appeal of fines, vehicle inspection service, and scheduling an appointment to register the vehicle and replace the driver’s license, notes the ministry.

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Irina Volk, official representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, said that electronic driving licenses do not relieve drivers of the obligation to carry original documents with them.
“The presence of electronic documents in the mobile application does not cancel the obligation of drivers to obtain a driver’s license and vehicle registration certificate in their original form. This obligation is provided for in Clause 2.1.1. of the Safety and Security Act, which defines a list of documents that a driver must have the car at the time and, at the request of the police, present it for verification.”

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