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Elon Musk Announces Plans to Remove Twitter’s Block User Option: What Does This Mean for Users?


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Elon Musk Plans to Remove the Option to Block Users on Twitter

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Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter or “X,” stated today that the option to block users on Twitter is going to be “deleted as a feature” in the future since it “makes no sense” to have such an option.

Musk’s Response to Muting vs Blocking

Musk remarked in response to a tweet that asked whether there was a need to block someone on the social network rather than mute someone. On Twitter, two functionalities are distinct: mute and block. When you mute your account, content posted by other Twitter users will not appear in your feed. Blocking stops other users from viewing your content, following you, or connecting with you.

The Future of Filtering Material on Twitter

Musk asserts that in the future, the only option to filter material on Twitter will be to mute users. There will, however, continue to be a blocking mechanism for direct messages. Since muting is significantly less restrictive than blocking, removing the block will allow harassers and spam accounts to engage with users who would have otherwise blocked them.

Elon Musk has Announced his Intention To Do Away With The Option to Block People on Twitter

The Impact of Removing the Block Option

For instance, even if you mute an account, it will still be able to follow you, view your material, respond to it, and even favorite, retweet, and quote your tweets. However, they will still be able to respond to tweets, even though you won’t see their responses. If you follow someone, you will be notified when they respond to your comments or questions. Nevertheless, let’s assume that someone else responds to the response provided by the muted individual. The notification will appear in that scenario, and you will have a heads-up about the communication. The elimination of the block function would be problematic for a great number of users.

Concerns and Uncertainties

Especially in light of the criticism raised in response to Musk’s statement, it must be made clear whether or not Musk will carry out his plans to eliminate the blocking feature. There has been no comment yet regarding when blocking would be eliminated, which is consistent with most of Musk’s pronouncements.

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