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Emirates Investors Council reports: Egypt receives investments worth $28 billion from UAE.


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Jamal bin Saif Al Jarwan, secretary general of the Emirates Council of Investors Overseas, indicated that the amount of Emirati investment in Egypt had grown from $20 billion in 2020 to $28 billion by early 2023.

The Secretary General of the Emirates Investor Council said: “The UAE ranks first in the Arab world in terms of investment in Egypt, and it is constantly increasing, as the amount of Emirates investment in Egypt reached 20 billion before the end of 2020, reaching about 28 billion dollars by the beginning of 2023 in the sectors of tourism, education and logistics. Food industry, clean and renewable energy, aviation, pharmaceutical industry and transport.

The Secretary General of the Emirates Investor Council confirmed that “under the constant coordination between the UAE and Egypt, economic and investment cooperation between the two countries is making great progress in all areas, and economic and investment relations are a strong reflection of the strength of relations and the aspirations of the political leadership between the two brotherly countries.” .

He added: “The strengthening of the joint cooperation between the UAE and Egypt that we are seeing works to increase the value of the trade exchange and achieve economic benefits between the two countries, as well as increase investment opportunities, which provide more employment opportunities, especially in view of the economy of the UAE and Egypt. represents the two main engines of the economy of the Middle East region and one of the largest Arab economies. The gross domestic product of both countries will exceed $830 billion in 2021, which is 25% of the gross domestic product of the Arab countries.

Source: Sada El Balad

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