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Emirati Billionaire Envisions Egypt’s Future Outshining London and Paris


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Emirati billionaire and businessman, chairman of the board of directors of Al Habtoor Group Khalaf Al Habtoor said that there is a promising region in Egypt that will be better than London and Paris.

Khalaf al-Habtoor said in a statement to the Sada al-Balad channel: “I have prepared a study about Salah Salem Street in Heliopolis and this project will be God’s paradise on his earth, emphasizing that this project will be more important than Berlin, London and Paris, and this project will help Egypt not to borrow.”

Al Habtoor expressed admiration for the idea of ​​developing spaces under bridges and creating cafes and cafes, adding that he does not skimp on Egypt and provides support, especially in the field of science.

He added that infrastructure is the main basis for attracting investment, but despite the development of the road network in Egypt, different ways are needed to attract investors in different areas.

Source: Sada El Balad

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