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Emirati Center Investigates Cloning of Prehistoric Bull Found in Siberia


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Scientists from the North-Eastern Federal University of Russia conducted an incomplete autopsy of a prehistoric bull found in the summer of 2022 in the Verkhoyansk region of the Russian Republic of Yakutia.

Experts involved in the anatomy of the ancient animal, which had lain in the eternal ice for about 8-9 thousand years, confirmed how well the head, forelimbs and part of the chest of the ancient bull were preserved.

At autopsy, samples were taken for microbiological, histological, cytological and radiocarbon studies. The selected biomaterials were placed in the refrigerator of the Yakutsk City Museum and in special environments. These materials will later be analyzed in various scientific institutions in Russia. Computed tomography, morphological and 3D scanning were also performed.

After selecting the soft tissues of an ancient bull, the group of molecular paleontology of the Russian University and their Korean colleagues began to study its cells.

It is noteworthy that earlier the media reported on the opening of the Emirates Center for Biotechnological Research on the basis of the Russian Federal North-Eastern University in Yakutsk.

The head of the center and well-known South Korean professor Hwang Fu-suk announced that the center may in the future participate in the process of cloning an ancient bull, estimated to be 8 or 9 thousand years old, in cooperation with its Russian colleagues from Northeastern University. He added that the results of the study will allow in the future to obtain information about the geological and biological age, structural features and environmental conditions of the habitats of the ancient bull.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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