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Emirati company Masdar signs an agreement with 4 Dutch companies to export green hydrogen to Europe.


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The Emirati Future Energy Company, Masdar, has announced it has signed an agreement with 4 Dutch companies to explore ways to export green hydrogen from Abu Dhabi to Europe.

And Masdar, in a statement, said it has signed agreements with Port Amsterdam, Sky NRG, Wayvos Amsterdam and Zenith Energy to develop the green hydrogen supply chain from Abu Dhabi to European markets via the Netherlands.

The statement added that Europe will use green hydrogen for the production of sustainable aviation fuel, in the iron and steel industry and as fuel for marine cargo ships, and will also be supplied to new and growing European shipping companies through pipelines, trucks and ships.

The Port of Amsterdam is committed to expanding the potential of green hydrogen and partnering with commercial players operating in its port to develop green hydrogen.

For its part, SkyNRG will develop a network of sustainable jet fuel businesses that require green hydrogen as an energy source.

Zenith Energy and Avos Amsterdam are operators of a group of leading blending and storage plants, the former developing the liquid hydrogen supply chain and the latter operating the liquid hydrogen carrier supply chain.

In December 2022, Masdar announced the structure of its new green hydrogen leadership, which aims to increase its production capacity to 100 gigawatts of renewable energy and produce one million tons of green hydrogen annually by 2030.

Masdar is currently involved in a number of green hydrogen projects and has signed a number of agreements with Egyptian institutions to develop green hydrogen plants in Egypt to produce around 480,000 tons of green hydrogen annually by 2030 with 4 gigawatt electrolysers.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, hydrogen will become an essential component of a zero-emission energy system and will play a major role in decarbonizing sectors where electricity is difficult to use, such as heavy industry and the transportation sector. The global green hydrogen market is expected to reach US$72 billion by 2030.

While PwC has estimated that by 2050 the demand for hydrogen could be between 150 and 500 million tons per year.

Notably, the production of green hydrogen takes place with the help of green electricity derived from renewable energy sources such as wind power or solar power, in a process that separates the two parts of water into oxygen and hydrogen through electrolysis.

Source: Al-Bayan newspaper.

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