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Emirati owner of Egyptian pyramids threatens to withdraw his investment


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Emirati businessman Salem Al Shamsi has warned the owner of the Egyptian Pyramids football club to withdraw his investment, expressing dissatisfaction with the decisions handed down against his club by the Egyptian Federation regarding the game.

Al-Shamsi said in a statement after his team drew Future 1-1 in the league’s thirteenth stage and witnessed several controversial arbitration cases that “there are many things that cause dissatisfaction and incomprehensible decisions against the Pyramids Club , on top of which hosts matches for the team during the day, while the competing teams play “at night”.

And he considered that the Egyptian federation appointed referee Mohamed Maarouf for the Pyramid vs The Future match for the third time in a row, “although he was the reason for the loss of 5 points from the Pyramid club in my future meeting last season”, stating, that “in case the injustice against the club continues, we will start to intervene by making strong decisions about whether to continue to invest in the club.

In response to Al-Shamsi’s statement, the Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports, Ashraf Sobhi, confirmed in an official statement: “The desire of the state to ensure and create the proper climate and atmosphere for the Egyptian sports system to be attractive to Arab and foreign sports.” investments.”

For its part, the Egyptian Professional Clubs Association, led by Ahmed Diab, issued a statement calling on the owners of the Pyramid Club to hold a meeting to discuss complaints received and how to overcome and treat them.

Source: AFP.

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