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Emma Roberts Taunts Her Mother in Fun for Posting a Photo of her Son Online Without Permission


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This week, Emma Roberts mocked her mother for sharing an Instagram photo of her 2-year-old son’s face “without asking.”

Emma Roberts Taunts Her Mother in Fun for Posting a Photo of her Son Online Without Permission_

The “American Horror Story” actress posted her mother’s initial tweet on Thursday, which stated, “Little man is growing up,” along with her comment, which read, “When your mum publishes your son’s face without asking, but you love them both, so whatever.”

Rhodes, who turned two in December of last year, was pictured in the picture surrounded by fallen leaves while wearing a green sweater and pants.

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Roberts, who has Rhodes with the former Garrett Hedlund, has only uploaded images of Rhodes that show the back of his head on her Instagram.

The mother of the 32-year-old posted her daughter’s caption from her Instagram story, saying, “The war continues!!,” along with two laughing emojis. I cherish you, Q! A touche’

On Friday, in honor of her daughter’s 32nd birthday, she also posted a tribute to her.

I appreciate you being my rock during our incredible, crazy, and enjoyable journey through life. Cunningham’s penmanship “I am incredibly grateful and blessed. You’ve got my back at all times! Thirty-two years of joy, adoration, and priceless memories. You play sports well, boo. I adore you a lot! Enjoy a fantastic birthday!

For Rhodes’ second birthday last month, Roberts posted a picture of his back and said, “Happy Birthday to my precious boy Rhodes!!!” I adore you utterly!

Earlier this week, she also posted a photo of one of his head’s sides at a playground with the comment, “Park day with my beautiful child.

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