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England Faces Mental Health Emergency as Number of Minors Referred to Crisis Care Teams Triples: YoungMinds Calls for Government Action


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An Urgent Warning about the Mental Health Crisis among Minors in England

An England-based charity has raised concerns about the alarming increase in the number of minors being referred to crisis care teams for mental health issues. According to YoungMinds, the number of urgent referrals for individuals under the age of 18 has tripled in the past four years, indicating a “mental health emergency” in the country.

Call for Government Action

In light of the rapidly escalating situation, YoungMinds is urging the government to take immediate action. The charity analyzed data from NHS England, revealing that by the end of May, there were 3,732 urgent referrals to mental health services for individuals under 18. This is a significant rise from the 1,322 referrals recorded for the same age group in May 2019.

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A Broken System and the Need for Change

Laura Pont, CEO of YoungMinds, emphasizes that these statistics should raise a serious alarm. She believes they are indicative of a broken system and a government that has ignored the voices of young people demanding change. Pont states, “We are now in a mental health emergency, and the government must address the magnitude of this crisis.”

Behind these alarming numbers are young people who are in urgent need of support. They are navigating a unique set of pressures that come with growing up in a generation that is experiencing a pandemic, a cost-of-living crisis, and ongoing global instability. Unfortunately, the systems in place to support them are struggling to meet their needs.

The Urgency for Timely Support

Many young individuals are forced to endure lengthy waiting periods, sometimes spanning months or even years, before receiving the help they need. Additionally, some have been told that they do not meet the threshold for referral to mental health services, leaving them without vital support. YoungMinds firmly believes that no young person should be left waiting for help while their mental health continues to deteriorate.

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