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Enormous gap in Earth’s magnetic field caused by magnetic storm


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Anomalies that occur in the Earth’s atmosphere deviate towards lower latitudes.

In Moscow, Samara and other regions of the European part of Russia, two northern lights were observed over the weekend, caused by a powerful magnetic storm with a magnitude of 7.66 according to a nine-point classification.

Scientists at the X-wave and Solar Astronomy Laboratory of the Lebedev Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences said that the reason for this may lie in the entry of the Earth into the flow of a fast solar wind, and added that this phenomenon is the strongest in the past six years.

The magnetic storm began on March 23 and continues to this day. Solar physicists warn of its consequences, including false activation of protection systems in power networks, the formation of a noticeable surface layer of electric charges on spacecraft components, a high probability of orbital deviation, interruptions in space navigation and high-frequency radio communications.

The northern lights can be recorded even at latitudes of about 45-50 degrees, including at the latitudes of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

One of the institute’s scientists, Yevgeny Baransky, was able to photograph the northern lights over the Samara province of Russia. As for the residents of Moscow and the region, it is difficult for them to photograph anything, because there is a thick layer of clouds above them.

Scientists say they have not been able to shed light on the exact cause of the current magnetic storm, and that there are two hypotheses, one of which, being the most correct among other hypotheses, points to the appearance of a crack in the Earth’s magnetic field for an unknown reason, into which a fast solar wind as a result of the formation of a huge coronal hole on the Earth’s surface. The surface of the Sun. It should be noted that the solar wind is plasma flows from the Sun.

The second hypothesis says that the coronal vortex appeared on March 20 and reached the Earth, and solar physicists could not fix it. So the magnetic storm that began on March 23 took everyone by surprise. At the same time, scientists say that this magnetic phenomenon began to fade from March 26.

Source: TASS

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