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Enriched juice can provide a “significant” reduction in visceral fat.


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Some beverages have shown promise in weight management when incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.

And after adding calcium and vitamin D, orange juice in particular can lead to a significant reduction in intra-abdominal fat.

Several studies have shown that calcium and vitamin D may play a role in regulating abdominal fat mass.

In 2013, these data prompted researchers to investigate the effects of calcium and vitamin D (CaD) supplements offered in orange juice.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found evidence of weight loss and visceral fat reduction over 16 weeks.

In particular, the reduction in visceral fat was significantly greater in the CHD group than in the control group. The effect of calcium and vitamin D on visceral fat remained “very significant” when the results of the two trials were combined.

However, other changes in body weight, such as BMI and waist circumference, did not differ significantly between the control and treatment groups.

This led the scientists to conclude that “calcium and/or vitamin D supplementation is beneficial in reducing” visceral fat.

They continued: “The effect of dietary calcium on body weight may also occur at the level of the digestive system or through the suppression of hunger.”

Some types of fortified orange juice have been shown to be as effective as vitamin D supplements in maintaining vitamin D status in adults. required for vitamin D. calcium.

Another way to get vitamin D and calcium is to focus on foods like leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach.

Source: Express

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