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Ethereum Price Recovery Expected as Pomerdoge Gains Momentum: Analysis


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Ethereum Holders Remain Optimistic as Analysts Predict Recovery

Ethereum (ETH) holders are feeling hopeful as analysts anticipate a price rebound in the near future. Additionally, the Pomerdoge pre-show is gaining traction, with the number of POMD holders doubling.

Ethereum’s Potential for Recovery

According to data from Glassnode, there are currently over 104,127,318 non-zero Ethereum addresses, and analysts believe this could help support the price.

Historically, significant increases in new addresses have preceded price surges in Ethereum (ETH). This trend was observed before the 2021 bull run, which propelled ETH to reach $4,810.

Boomerdog Token Holders Experience Doubling

Similar to Ethereum, POMD token holders have seen a significant increase, mainly due to the Pomerdoge ecosystem and the token’s utility. The project combines elements of meme currencies with play-to-earn (P2E) functionality.

This unique combination has attracted crypto experts, resulting in in-depth analysis of the project and predictions of a potential rise in POMD’s value in the coming months.

The project also plans to launch an interactive marketplace and game called Pomergame, where players can create and earn avatars. The game features virtual arenas where players can embark on quests to earn rewards, including rare items.

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Pomerdoge aims to establish a marketplace called Pomerplace for trading virtual rewards. Additionally, the platform offers earning opportunities through weekly contests and competitions, with prizes worth up to $100,000.

The Pomerdoge giveaway is open to POMD holders or active users who engage through Telegram and Twitter.

In the ongoing pre-sale, POMD tokens are available for $0.008.

Learn More about the Pomerdoge Pre-Sale (POMD)

For more information about the Pomerdoge Pre-Sale (POMD), visit their official website:

Join the Pomerdoge Telegram community:


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