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EU-Brokered Talks Between Serbia and Kosovo End Without Progress: EU Foreign Policy Chief Urges Peaceful Relations


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EU-Brokered Talks Between Serbia and Kosovo End Without Progress

The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, announced on Thursday that talks mediated by the EU to ease tensions between Serbia and Kosovo had concluded without any advancements being made.

Lack of Commitment to Normalizing Relations

Borrell expressed his disappointment, stating, “We cannot simply wait for the next crisis,” as the signatories did not commit to normalizing their relations.

Rejected Proposal

Following hours of negotiations, Borrell revealed that Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, did not accept a proposal on how to proceed, despite Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic being prepared to support it.

The proposal entailed Kurti initiating the establishment of a federation consisting of Serb-majority municipalities in Kosovo, while Vucic would take steps towards recognizing Kosovo’s independence.

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Demand for Confession

Kurti insisted on an actual confession as the initial step, according to Borrell.

Tensions Stemming from Historical Conflict

Kosovo, which has an Albanian majority, was previously a part of Serbia but declared independence unilaterally in 2008, following a war between the two ethnic groups in the 1990s. Tensions between the two sides have escalated significantly in recent months.

Clashes broke out in May last year when NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo were attacked in the northern region. This conflict arose due to the appointment of Albanian mayors, which the Serb population had boycotted upon the instructions of Belgrade.

Obstacles to New Presidential Elections

Borrell expressed regret over Kosovo’s failure to facilitate new presidential elections. He urged both leaders to remain committed to their respective countries’ aspirations of joining the European Union.

“Now is the time to advance the process and demonstrate that Kosovo and Serbia can coexist peacefully and become part of the European family,” Borrell emphasized.

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