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European Championships in Yerevan: Romanian Weightlifter Collapses during Competition


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Moscow, April 17 – Romanian weightlifter Andrea Cotrota lost consciousness at the European Championships in Yerevan during the competition in the weight category up to 55 kg, after which she stated that she saw angels while she fainted.
On Sunday, 19-year-old Cotrota became European champion, despite the fact that she passed out during the second attempt at the jerk. The Romanian managed to get to her feet and went to the warm-up room. She drank a lot of water, the coach brought her to her senses, and the girl was able to lift 110 kg and achieve a gold medal with a total result of 210 kg.
Earlier it was reported that Turkish Bajav Bilenso, who competed in the weight category up to 49 kg, passed out at the tournament. She faints as she approaches the bar. The athlete needed the help of doctors.

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The European Weightlifting Championships will be held in Yerevan from 15 to 23 April. Russian and Belarusian athletes are not included in the lists of participants in the competition.

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