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European country announced its intention to buy gas from Egypt in 2026


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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced his country’s intention to buy Egyptian gas in 2026 to meet the country’s energy needs.

He said at a joint press conference with President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi: “We have had wonderful talks in bilateral relations, there is also an Egyptian business forum with 86 Hungarian and Egyptian companies, and this shows the strength of relations between the two countries. We also we will be able to form cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, and we, unfortunately, we have to cover our energy through energy imports and find a solution with the Arab Republic of Egypt, and after 2026 we will be able to buy liquefied gas from Egypt.

The Hungarian Prime Minister added that his country is very grateful for what Egypt is doing on the issue of illegal immigration, so that there is no general movement that changes everything, continuing: “The security of Europe is linked to the stability of Egypt, and Europe should be grateful to Egypt for what it does and we strive to express it. “With the gratitude, appreciation and support you deserve.”

He continued: “We must take a clear stand on illegal immigration and we find that Europe’s line of defense is in North Africa and the strongest stronghold in it is the Arab Republic of Egypt, and were it not for the efforts of Egypt and the policies pursued Egypt, Europe would be mired in its own problems, and the stability of Egypt is intimately linked.” This is very important for the security of Europe and the security of our country.”

And added: “We are happy to cooperate with Egypt in the field of industry, and we will not only sell our products, but also come to Egypt to establish joint Hungarian-Egyptian companies, and we will produce fine and excellent products in Egypt in high quality, and we are happy to welcome 200 Egyptian students every year, because they will be the next generation.” A new one that continues the strong relationship we’ve been able to build over the years.

Source: RT

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