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Evaluation of the effectiveness of the “Su-57” in the special forces operation


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The weapons and sensors of the Su-57 could play a useful role for Russia in the context of the military operation in Ukraine.

The drive indicates that the fifth generation Su-57 is the latest combat aircraft in the Russian armed forces, and that the Russian side can use it in combat, without the need to enter the airspace over areas still under Ukrainian control. strength.

And she added: “The long range of weapons and sensors of the Su-57 (especially compared to Ukrainian aircraft) confirms that it can play a useful role for Russia without the need to fly over Ukrainian territory, or at least without the need to penetrate deep into Ukrainian airspace. to carry out “specific” operations.

On the Drive it is indicated that the Su-57 is armed with air-to-air missiles R-37M (range 200 km), R-77-1 (range 110 km) and K-77M (range 160 km).

And he adds that the use of these aircraft in a military operation for Ukraine can increase their export capabilities.

Source: Linta. RU

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