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Evidence of the benefits of ginger for immunity


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Scientists from the Institute of Dietary Biology at the Munich University of Technology have discovered a substance in ginger that activates immune cells in the body.

The journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research points out that the researchers put small amounts of gingerol (a chemical compound in ginger), a pungent substance found in ginger, into cell cultures and monitored the response. As you know, it is this substance that causes a sensation of sharpness, which is felt by the TRPV1 receptor located on the surface of nerve cells.

The first step in these tests was to identify the receptor on the surface of neutrophils, which is the most important component of the immune system. These cells make up about two-thirds of white blood cells and are essential for fighting off foreign pathogens.

At the second stage, gingerol solutions of various concentrations were applied to the cell surface. The researchers found that even 15 micrograms per liter was enough to put immune cells on high alert. And that the response of cells exposed to a peptide that mimics a bacterial infection was 30 percent stronger compared to cells in the control group. But when TRPV1 receptor inhibitors were used in the study, the effects of gingerol were blocked.

According to the researchers, even a small concentration of gingerol has a stimulating effect on the cells of the immune system.

Source: Linta. EN

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