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Examining the Difference in Punishment for Hakimi and Alves


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In just two months, two prominent players have been accused of rape: Brazilian Dani Alves by a young woman who claimed he assaulted her in a Barcelona nightclub, and Moroccan Ashraf Hakimi, who is accused of raping a girl at his home in Paris.

The two cases are very similar in principle, but there is a big difference between them: while former Barcelona star Alves was arrested on January 20 and held behind the walls of a Barcelona prison pending investigation, Hakimi, a right-back for Paris. Saint-Germain remains at large, despite the fact that French prosecutors had already charged him two weeks earlier.

The Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, in a report, revealed the reason for the investigation of Alves in case of arrest and Hakimi in case of release.

The newspaper said the first reason for the case is the fear of officials in Barcelona that Alves would flee to Brazil due to the lack of an extradition treaty between Spain and Brazil, meaning a repeat of the scenario of retired Brazilian star Robinho, who was also sentenced to prison in Italy on charges of rape, but he managed to escape to his country.

And she continued: “On the other hand, the behavior of the victim was different when reporting the incident. The alleged victim, Hakimi, did not want to file a formal complaint, only went to the police station to tell what allegedly happened.

And “Mundo Deportivo” concluded: “Under Alves, the girl reported the rape as soon as she left the nightclub. In addition, her story has not changed from the first moment, which gave her a lot of credibility.”

Source: Mundo Deportivo.

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