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Expanding Gaming Accessibility: Xbox Chief Phil Spencer’s Vision for Mobile Devices


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Expanding Gaming Accessibility for Mobile Devices, According to Xbox Chief Phil Spencer

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Bringing Triple-A Games to Mobile

In a recent interview at Gamescom, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, expressed his desire to make high-quality games available on mobile devices. He emphasized the need for a new gaming ecosystem that goes beyond small free games, stating that he wants “everyone to be able to play anything.”

Exploring the Possibilities

Spencer questioned how consumers who only own a mobile device would be able to experience the amazing games showcased at Gamescom. He believes that triple-A games like God of War, Starfield, and Spider-Man should also be accessible on mobile devices. Spencer views the absence of such story-based games on mobile as a missed opportunity.

The Importance of Choice

To address this vision, Microsoft’s xCloud, a streaming service, already enables some ambitious titles to be played on mobile devices. However, Spencer aims to expand further by collaborating with other partners. Mentioning recent partnerships with GeForce, Boosteroid, and Ubitus, he believes that making gaming accessible on any device is a dream for players.

While Spencer acknowledges that the best gaming experience lies in consoles and high-end PCs, he also recognizes the importance of allowing gamers to play on the devices they have access to. He believes gamers should have the freedom to decide where they want to play their games.

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