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Experience a Heart-Pounding Adventure of Love, Betrayal, and Revenge in the Upcoming Show Wilderness


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In the upcoming show Wilderness: A Heart-Pounding Adventure Filled with Love, Betrayal, and Revenge

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In the upcoming show Wilderness, viewers will have the opportunity to experience a heart-pounding adventure across the country that will include themes of love, betrayal, and the search for revenge. It is an adaptation of the novel of the same name written by B. E. Jones, and it promises to be an emotional rollercoaster. It stars an outstanding cast, and the creative vision of director So Yong Kim is at the helm.

The gorgeous landscapes of America’s national parks serve as the backdrop for Liv’s (Jenna Coleman) and Will’s (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) intertwined destiny as their seemingly ideal love takes a sinister turn. Wilderness is going to be an absolute must-watch for anybody who is looking for exciting and emotionally packed storytelling since there are going to be secrets, passion, and unexpected twists hiding around every corner.

Jenna Coleman of “The Serpent” and Oliver Jackson-Cohen of “The Haunting of Bly Manor” appear in the new Amazon Prime Video series “Wilderness. In the suspenseful television series, the ideal vacation of a British couple quickly turns into the stuff of nightmares. The couple portrays Liv and Will, a couple who appear to have all they need and are settling in nicely to their new life in New York. After that, though, Liv finds out about Will’s affair. It seems like the ideal time for her to get her revenge when he recommends taking a road trip to some of the most beautiful national parks in the United States. Additionally, Taylor Swift provides the vocals for the theme song.

Wilderness Cast

  • Jenna Coleman as Liv
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen, as Will
  • Ashley Benson as Cara
  • Eric Balfour as Garth
  • Claire Rushbrook as Caryl
  • Marsha Stephanie Blake, as Detective Rawlings
  • Morgana Van Peebles as Ash
  • Jonathan Keltz as Detective Wiseman
  • Talia Balsam as Bonnie
  • Crystal Balint as Liana
  • Natalie Sharp as Marissa
  • Geoff Gustafson as Zach
  • Jake Foy as Anton
  • Jerod Thomas Winfrey Blake as a Male Hiker

What is the Release Date of Wilderness?

Wilderness 20 23_

The clock is ticking down to the moment of retribution! On September 15, 2023, the highly anticipated first episode of Wilderness will finally be available to watch.

Who is the Director of Wilderness?

Wilderness 20 23_

Independent filmmaker So Yong Kim is of Korean-American and American descent. In Between Days, Treeless Mountain, For Ellen, and Lovesong are the titles of the four feature films that she has directed. So Yong Kim was awarded the Sleipnir Nordik Arts Travel Grant, the Video Artist Grant from the New York Foundation, and the MacDowell Colony Media Fellow for the National Endowment for the Arts. He also won the Puffin Grant. Her installations as well as her films and videos have been shown in Austin, Chicago, New York, London, Marseilles, Reykjavik, Milwaukee, Gothenburg, Osnabruck, and Tokyo, respectively.

Wilderness – Official Teaser | Prime Video

What is the Plot of Wilderness?

Wilderness 20 23_

The plot summary for Wilderness can be found below:

Liv (Coleman) and Will (Jackson-Cohen) are a British couple who appear to have it all in the movie Wilderness, which is based on the novel of the same name written by B.E. Jones. They have a rock-solid marriage, a glamorous new life in New York thousands of miles from their small-town upbringing, and they are still young enough to believe that their entire lives are still in front of them. Until Liv finds out about the affair that Will is having, The pain of a broken heart is almost immediately followed by another feeling: rage. Liv’s only recourse is vengeance, and when Will suggests that they begin their relationship anew by traveling through some of the most breathtaking national parks in the United States, Liv knows just how to get it. The film Wilderness is a twisted love story in which a fantasy vacation and a purported happily ever after quickly transform into a terrifying reality.

Wilderness goes into the spine-tingling narrative of what happens when a perfect relationship takes a horrific turn, carrying an undercurrent that is reminiscent of both Gone Girl and I Care a Lot. Will is unfaithful even though he and his partner have everything that could satisfy their needs as a relationship. Liv, whose world has been turned upside down by the news that her husband has been cheating on her, advises that they try to save their relationship by going on the long-awaited road trip, an adventure in which they explore the wonderful national parks of America together.

Liv and Will’s lives take an unexpected turn for the worse when they run into Cara (Benson), one of Will’s coworkers, while they are exploring the splendor of these American national parks. Cara, a young woman from the United States who has a flourishing job and a loyal boyfriend named Garth, who is portrayed by Eric Balfour, finds herself unwittingly mixed up in the lives of Liv and Will. As the four of them begin trekking expeditions together, their destiny becomes intricately entwined, setting in motion a series of events that will forever alter the course of their futures. These events will set in motion a series of events that will set in motion a series of events that will permanently alter the course of their lives. As Wilderness progresses, make sure not to miss the chance to learn more about this fascinating story.

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