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Experience the Thrilling VR Survival Adventure of Green Hell on PSVR 2


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Welcome to the World of Green Hell

Welcome to the World of Green Hell

Creepy Jar has released the launch trailer for the PSVR 2 version of Green Hell, an exciting survival outing. Originally available for PC and PS4, you can now experience it in stunning VR using Sony’s latest headset.

Explore the Amazonian Rainforest

Green Hell drops you deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest in an open-world survival simulator. With no food or equipment, you must rely on your wits to stay alive. Start fires, build camps, hunt for food, and treat injuries and illnesses as they arise.

A New Experience for PSVR 2 Gamers

If you’re a PSVR 2 gamer, you can now join the adventure in Green Hell. For more information and a deeper dive into the game, check out our review of the original PS4 version here.

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