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Expert demonstrates the inefficiency of offensive weapons in space


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Academician Alexei Arbatov, head of the Center for International Security of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that space is devoid of offensive weapons because they are ineffective there.

The scientist points out that the arms race in outer space has not yet begun, and there are no weapons in outer space that could serve as the basis for an arms control treaty in outer space.

He says: “When we talk about militarization, we actually mean the deployment of weapons in space. That is, offensive strike weapons. But there are no such weapons at the present time. There are only doubts about some systems. Not because the Americans are peaceful. Or because they are different, but because the laws of Kepler and Newton make weapons ineffective in space.”

For most weapons, they won’t be able to reach their targets in low orbits, he said. Because the speed of rotation around the Earth in near-Earth orbit is equivalent to 8 kilometers per second.

He says: “Practically until now, an arms race in space has not begun, and weapons have not been invented. So it’s time to prevent it, although it is very difficult. If we look at all bilateral arms control treaties, we would see that they refer to specific weapons linked to certain procedures for monitoring and verifying their implementation.

However, he adds that there is no such treaty in the field of space and has not yet been proposed, although the “militarization” of space continues through the launch of military satellites.

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