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Expert predicts the economy will worsen in 2018: Forecasting the crisis ahead.


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American expert Nouriel Roubini painted a bleak future for the US economy, warning of its entry into a recession.

Predicting the 2008 crisis, Nouriel Roubini, professor of economics at New York University, said the US banking system was facing a major problem and was heading towards collapse.

According to the economist, “The US is heading for a credit crunch that will push the economy into recession.”

Roubini sees a problem in the fact that regional banks issue mortgage loans, commercial real estate and companies, including small and medium ones.

He pointed out that after the collapse of the “Silicon Valley bank”, it will become more difficult for small banks to obtain loans, which will lead to a “credit crisis” in the United States.

The economist warned that the next crisis would “greatly increase the likelihood of a recession and hard landing, much more dangerous than in the past,” and added that the United States would face “a major challenge to much of the American banking system.” “

Asked about indicators that could indicate the market has “bottomed out,” Roubini said “the worst is yet to come.”

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