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Expert talks about a strategic treasure in the Egyptian Sea


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Tharwat Ragheb, a professor of petroleum and energy engineering in Egypt, spoke of the existence of a strategic treasure in the Mediterranean, about which Egypt has discovered little.

In an interview with journalist Ismail Hammad on Banks and Investments on the Extra News satellite channel, he confirmed that the Mediterranean Basin contains more than 300 trillion cubic feet of gas, while Egyptian territorial waters only contain 200 trillion cubic feet, and Egypt found only 40 trillion cubic feet of gas, except that the western Mediterranean has not discovered it, except in the Red Sea and the eastern desert, and all of these areas are strategic fossil fuel reserves. , whether in the field of natural gas or oil.

He pointed out that Egypt has made many natural gas discoveries, such as the Zor field, which accounts for 40% of Egypt’s production, in contrast to the Narjes field, noting that crises largely contribute to great successes in the field of natural gas. and oil.

Ragheb added that Egypt has gone through many crises, be it the coronavirus or the Russo-Ukrainian war, and these crises have contributed to many successes in the oil sector, such as natural gas exports, and a $3 billion surplus in the oil sector. .

Source: Today’s News

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