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Expert urges United States and Russia to forge new space relationship for half a century


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Washington, May 2 – The United States and Russia need to look for ways to maintain cooperation in space in the face of escalating geopolitical tensions, as well as build a new partnership for the next half century, the head of the US space corporation, retired US Navy admiral Tom Zillibur, told the News Agency.
The Space Foundation is a respected non-profit organization dedicated to promoting space exploration as well as raising awareness of major events in the industry.
“Despite our political differences, the fact that we have worked, explored, studied and lived together in space for nearly half a century has allowed us to build a relationship that transcends our politics. I hope this continues because the relationship between our engineers, scientists, astronauts and other people has developed through this,” Zelibour said. Time shaped a transformative space age.”

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In his view, the two countries today “need to find ways to maintain existing relations while building new ones for the next half century.” As the expert noted, the long-term cooperation between the United States and Russia on the International Space Station has shown that partnership between different countries is the best way to succeed in space exploration.
“The cost, design and management of this effort is a burden that must be shared because it cannot be dealt with alone. It will take an international team of talented individuals from government and commercial industry to make our aspirations for the future a reality,” explained the agency source.

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