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Experts predict that ChatGPT’s popularity has reached its peak


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Moscow, July 13 – The peak of ChatGPT’s popularity in the world has passed and now interest will continue to decline until a certain level is reached, however, the emergence of new complex artificial intelligence tools on the market can stimulate increased demand, the head of the machine learning and artificial intelligence department of the Directorate of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Products in the said Belin for the News Agency Dmitry Ermilov.
According to the expert, the decrease in the traffic of this service is a completely normal phenomenon. The market began to test this tool in terms of application in various fields, and some experiments were crowned with success, which served as an incentive for the emergence of some new proposals, while others failed. “This, among other things, led to a decrease in ChatGPT traffic,” Yermilov noted.

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However, he noted that the chatbot will continue to be used by content managers and marketers, and has also been used as a search engine. In addition, the career of a Promet engineer, who teaches how to “communicate” with generative models, will gain momentum.
“An increase in popularity may occur due to the emergence of some mass products based on ChatGPT, an update of the model itself, or, for example, the integration of ChatGPT with generative networks in the field of computer vision. That is, the appearance on the market of new complex AI tools may lead to an increase in popularity This chatbot.

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