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Explore the Afterlife with a Virtual Reality Simulation of Death


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No one really knows what it means to survive death. What happens when we die is still the world’s greatest mystery, but virtual reality can help us figure it out.

A new virtual reality simulation in Australia is trying to create death-like experiences and give people a chance to see what it’s like to die.

Australian artist Sean Gladwell’s exhibition ‘Electric Storms Passing’ at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne is officially described as depicting the process of dying by ‘medical methods’.

An artist brings the experience of death to life through collaborative virtual reality simulation, from cardiac arrest to brain death. The experience is now described as “unsettling”.

Gladwell designed the near-death experience to give participants an idea of ​​what might happen in their final moments.

One TikTok user who underwent the experiment explained that he lay on a vibrating bed and saw doctors fail to revive him. He also said the experience could cause people to experience “anxiety and panic”.

Many have had a near-death experience, and after coming back to life, they have revealed details of what happened to them during the experience, which usually includes seeing the light at the end of a dark tunnel, hearing the voices of their loved ones, and even their screams. .

However, once the heart stops beating, one cannot be sure what awaits them.

Gladwell hopes to help people come to terms with the inevitable and feign a sense of death.


It’s actually pretty hectic. Doctors try to revive you by vibrating your bed and floating in space.

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And during the presentation of Passing Electric Storms at the Melbourne Now event in Australia, which is described as “joint participation in augmented reality (XR) of a deeply moving nature.”

Participants lie in a hospital bed, put on an XR headset, connect to heart rate monitors, experience cardiac arrest, see resurrection, death, and out-of-body experiences as participants float through a giant universe, looking down at their “corpse.” .

Participants can leave the simulation at any time by simply raising their hands if this is too inconvenient, as there are personnel dedicated to “getting them out of it”.

And on TikTok, a user named Marcus showed the show to his followers by filming the room where it all happens.

Inside, you can see people lying on blue beds with their heads stuck in virtual reality simulators.

Beside the beds are large computers that look like hospital monitors.

And just like no one can truly know death, no one can truly know what this VR experience is like unless you can experience it in person.

Source: Daily Star

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