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ATHENS, March 5 – the News Agency correspondent reports that the rally is taking place in Athens in connection with a railway accident.
According to local journalists, at least 10,000 people came to Syntagma Square near Parliament.
At about midnight on March 1 between Athens and Thessaloniki, near the city of Larissa, there was a head-on collision of freight and passenger trains. 57 people were killed and dozens injured.
Railway workers, student and student organizations, trade unions and public organizations called on everyone to march and demand that the government fully investigate the causes and circumstances of the tragedy and punish all those who caused the collapse of the country’s railway network.
At the rally, letters from railway employees and relatives of railway workers were read.

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“There are not enough staff on the road, people work for wear and tear. The janitors do not have time to clean the trains”, “My father came home from work blackened and had no time to clean up and rest, as they were called to work, because he did not “There was no one to work. He said the trains were falling apart and had to be written off, and it was dangerous to ride in them, but they let go,” he said, “these problems have been piling up for years and the letters have not been resolved.”
Many people came with black balloons. People carry posters “Killers! Privatization kills”, “This is no accident. This is a crime”, “We will strike until victory.” There are posters calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.
Protesters chant: “You count the income – we count the lives lost.”
The Athens Metro declared a 24-hour strike on Sunday, but trains are running during the rally so that rally participants can get to the center of the capital and then back.
Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis apologized via social media to the families of the dead and injured on Sunday. “Personally and for all those who have ruled the country for years. Because, in fact, in Greece in 2023 it is impossible for two trains to move towards each other on the same line and not be noticed. We cannot, and we will not,” wrote Mitsotakis, who was fired immediately after the tragedy. On the human factor cause.
“Had work been completed on installing the remote control system, this accident would have been practically impossible,” said Mitsotakis.

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