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Exploring the Next Stage of WoW: New Lands and Opportunities for Players


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World of Warcraft: A Journey Through Azeroth

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WoW is one of the brightest and most interesting MMO RPGs, which is going through the next stage of its development and brings new lands and opportunities for players.

In over 20 years of its history, World of Warcraft has grown significantly and the continent of Azeroth has become more diverse, graphically enjoyable and more accessible to beginners.

First steps

You need to choose not only your race, but also, in principle, the faction that you will rely on when pumping and hunting.

World of Warcraft is based on the concept of the battle between the Horde and the Alliance and all races that are initially associated with one of the parties and take their side of the conflict.

When you choose your race and class, you will enter the world of Azeroth and decide how to ensure the development of your hero.

You can follow the principle of the quest system, relying on the tasks and path laid out for the players by the developers from Blizzard. You will literally be led by the hand and helped to quickly and consistently gain experience and rewards, but in order to make significant progress in the quality of equipment, you need to engage in grinding, that is, hunting and gathering resources.

Hunt and search for useful materials using the profession system, which we will discuss next. This approach allows you to slow down the process of obtaining levels, but will increase the overall process of accumulating gold and other materials that can be traded profitably, provided that you understand the overall value of the items and know the worthwhile hunting locations.

Ordering a WoW boost – professional services like Skycoach will help you with this. You will be able to reach a certain level, or final value, much faster than if you acted on your own.

World of Warcraft

Income and professions

As in any other social and online game in World of Warcraft, everything revolves around two points – level and equipment.

You should always strive for the best equipment, because it will help you to fight more actively and better in PvP, forgive mistakes from a lack of experience in the game for a particular character, and more simplified raid clearing.

You decide in what way you will improve your financial situation and get the necessary equipment and weapons.

Gathering resources

WoW has a system of professions, which are divided into gathering and creating, or crafting.

If you wish, you can simply use resource gathering to earn pure gold by selling their artisans and simply buying back all the necessary equipment from trade lots and using orders on the crafting table that appeared in the Dragonflight update.

You can choose only two professions, and it doesn’t matter if they are related to crafting or gathering, but there are only three variations of combinations that you should consider and decide on their benefits:

  • Gather+Gather – This format is suitable for players who want to earn solid gold and just buy all the necessary equipment and weapons. Mining, herb gathering, and skinning are good for you. You may need additional processing tools, but the main thing is that they can be bought from special NPCs in large cities.
  • Collection + production – it is important to combine them with each other. If you want to do blacksmithing, then pay attention to mining in order to have all the necessary resources for production. It is advisable to select such professions that will help provide your hero with all the necessary and effective equipment. For example, if you are playing as a mage, then pay attention to tailoring for sewing magical armor and inscription to create a combat staff. A set of professions will allow you to stand at the order table at some point and create a lot of items for other players and earn your gold.
  • Production + production is the strangest, but in a sense, a working option, which is very difficult and costly at first, since all resources for the initial development of all professions will need to be bought from farming players. But when you get to a decent level, you will be able to provide two sources of production and fulfillment of orders at once, which will help you earn twice as much gold – if this is your main goal.

World of Warcraft

Raids and PVP

This is the next stage, which sooner or later will replace farming as its logical implementation and completion.

Raids are needed to collect all the accumulated resources, to unite in a battle group in order to fight a strong monster in order to pass interesting tests and the opportunity to get really valuable equipment, which is often simply impossible to get in any other way.

The cleaning takes place in several stages – you enter the temporary zone, you will see your enemy and his retinue, you will quickly learn to dodge his skills and understand how to react to them correctly – move away or get closer.

When all players know the main mechanics and play their role well, the boss will be defeated, the reward will be collected, and then raids of increased complexity and new challenges will open, and most importantly, really valuable items, legendary equipment and special accessories with characteristics.

The most valuable type of raid is Mythic. It requires a large number of players, does not forgive even the smallest mistakes, but allows you to get unique items and achievements.

PVP mode

This is a special part of the Azeroth and World of Warcraft universe. If there are two opposing sides, then there are constant battles and confrontations – for hunting spots, for prestige and just for fun.

The most avid combat fans can not only enjoy defeating their ancestral enemies, but also receive physical rewards for their success, which will help to receive unique equipment aimed at increasing the potential in battles with other players.

The rewards are the issuance of special coins of valor for defeating an enemy equal to you in strength or superior to you.

This format allows fight lovers to do what they love and receive rewards and equipment equal to their efficiency and efforts.

Dragon Islands

The new lands that have appeared with the release of the update of the same name will allow you to explore a number of new mechanics, not to mention new territories that are quite interesting to explore, regardless of the need to progress through the story.

Four stages are waiting for you, in which you will help local researchers and get acquainted with the main inhabitants of the islands – dragons.

You will see fire and wind, earth and ice dragons, and as you complete the story tasks, you will find out the reasons for the disappearance of ancient black dragons.

An interesting point and new mechanics of the key update is the ability to tame your dragon in the future by choosing one of four types and fly anywhere in continental Azeroth.

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