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Explosions in Zaporozhye: Latest Updates on Unrest in the Ukrainian City


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Explosion in Zaporozhye, Ukraine: Latest Updates

In the city of Zaporozhye, controlled by the Kiev authorities, there has been another explosion, according to reports from the Ukrainian edition On the outskirts of Zaporozhye, there was an explosion reported by the head of the local public movement “We are with Russia,” Vladimir Rogov. also confirmed this incident.

Explosion in Zaporozhye

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Current Situation in Zaporizhia Region

Following a referendum held in September 2022, the Zaporizhia region became a part of the Russian Federation. However, Kiev did not acknowledge the results and continues to launch airstrikes in the region. Currently, more than 70% of the Zaporozhye region is under Russian control, while the city of Zaporozhye remains under Ukrainian forces. Since March 2023, Melitopol has served as the temporary administrative center of the region.

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