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Extend Your Life by Seven Years with These Lifestyle Changes!


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According to the book Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, your attitude and outlook on life can play an important role when it comes to how many years you will live.

This is one of the most popular books on longevity, featuring the practice of “blue zones” describing areas where some of the world’s longest-living people live.

Most people around the age of 100, also known as centenarians, have some common traits that may have helped prolong their lives.

Interestingly, a positive attitude is one such trait that many of them have in common.

Nikki Roscoe, an expert on holistic health and wellness, told The Express: “A positive attitude can change how you deal with any issue that comes up in your life, from health or relationship issues to work or financial issues. And it can increase your lifespan. having a “Positive outlook on life”, it sends positive messages to your subconscious mind. If you continue to have a negative attitude, your subconscious mind hears you and continues to feed your mind and body with pessimistic thoughts. Our body reacts to this, and this can be the cause of the disease. .”

What’s more, a 2019 Boston University School of Medicine study supports positivity as an effective approach to longevity.

In a study of 69,744 women and 1,429 men, the researchers found that, on average, optimistic people lived seven years longer than their more pessimistic counterparts.

Participants with a positive outlook also appear to be more likely to live to age 85 or older.

“Depending on your circumstances — and what you’re doing to improve your health and well-being — can make a huge difference in your life,” said Roscoe, author of the new book I’ll Show You It All. “Just by saying to myself: I look forward to today, I feel strong and in control, or I feel calm, relaxed and happy.” You are retraining your brain to focus on positive outcomes.”

And if positivity doesn’t come naturally to you, the expert explained that you can retrain your brain to see things differently.

“When you only focus on what you can’t do, you send subconscious negative signals,” she said.

Instead, she recommended changing your attitude and focusing on things you can control.

Source: Express

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