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Extraordinary Astronomical Phenomenon: Overwhelming Majority of Global Population Bathed in Sunlight!


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At some point this weekend, nearly 99% of the world’s population will be able to see sunlight in the sky at the same time.

While this may seem impossible given that when one side of the Earth is facing the sun and is during daytime, the other side is out of the sun to observe darkness.

The timezone website found that most of the world’s population already receives some sunlight at the same time each year.

July 8 is described as a “perfect day” with dawn starting at 12:15 GMT on the west coast of North America and still dark in east and southeast Asia, and this year is no different.

The claim first appeared three years ago in a Reddit blog post where user GiddySwine shared an image of a world map day and night, claiming that 99% of the world’s population was between dawn and dusk on July 8 at 11:15 UTC. .

A widely shared Twitter post claimed that 99% of the world’s population would be exposed to daylight at that point.

From an image posted by, most of the world’s most populous regions receive some amount of sunshine at the appropriate time, including North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and much of Asia.

Internet #meme claims that 99% of the world’s population receives #daylight or #twilight at 11:15 UTC on July 8. Sounds absurd? Actually, it’s true! And this happens on other days, but only at certain times of the

— (@timeanddate) July 5, 2023

The only large areas not covered by daylight are Australia, New Zealand, parts of Southeast Asia and Antarctica. stated that they calculated the numbers and found that about 7.7 billion people receive some amount of sunlight at this particular time and day.

To make their calculations, the site maintainers combined the sun data from the website with 2022 population data from the International Geosciences Information Network Center.

The numbers showed that right now it was night time for just under 80 million people.

As a result, approximately 7.7 billion people, or 99 percent, remained on the sunlit side of the planet.

And more than 6.4 billion people were in the daytime, while more than 1.2 billion people witnessed twilight.

So 83% of us get direct sunlight and 16% get indirect sunlight, and the statements are true to some extent.

While Saturday morning will be the moment that nearly the majority of the world’s population will experience some form of daylight at the same time, it won’t be the only time in 2023 that this will happen.

According to, there is a 60-day window when 99% of the world’s population can see daylight at the same time. This period begins on May 18 and lasts until July 17, with the exact moment of brightness changing by several minutes every day.

Source: Metro

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