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Farooq El-Baz comments on Dutch googrbit earthquake predictions


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Director of the Center for Space Studies at Boston University, Farouk El-Baz, commented on the predictions of the Dutchman Frank Hogrebits, saying that the connection between earthquakes and astronomy has not yet been scientifically proven, although it is possible.

And about the expectations of Hogarbits, who predicted the occurrence of several earthquakes in some areas, and his connection with the movement of the planets, Al-Baz said in a statement on the Egyptian channel “He”: “There may be a connection between earthquakes and astronomy, but so far there are no scientific tools for this.”

He explained that “the earth revolves around itself and around the sun, and when there is a strong attraction from the other side, the antigravity of the sun can lead to movements in the earth’s crust, but this has not yet been scientifically proven, but it exists because the earth’s crust floats over an unstable mass of land.”

And he continued: “The land on which we live is not solid, but blocks located above the sticky layer, thousands of kilometers deep, which means that the blocks above it, including the continents, stand above the sticky layer, and for some At that time, these blocks will move, and as a result of this movement, earthquakes occur.

Al-Baz pointed out that earthquakes are impossible to predict “because they are blocks in the earth’s crust, and what moves them lies hundreds of kilometers below them, and so far we have no scientific progress that monitors this” .

On the connection between the construction of dams in Turkey and the recent earthquake, Al-Baz said: “The connection of dams with the earthquake has not been proven, but it is a scientifically based opinion, because there are faults in the earth’s crust both as a result of the movement of the continents, and then when the water rises over the area containing faults, this can contribute to the movement.

Regarding the possibility of a tsunami, Al-Baz said: “There is no scientific basis for predicting the occurrence of a tsunami in the countries of the Mediterranean,” and explained that “there is nothing new in the sea that could affect its coasts to the extent of a tsunami.”

Source: Al-Fajr website

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