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Fast and Low Patch Notes Update Today on January 24, 2023


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A new update has been released for Fast and Low. You can find all the Game Update details below. Fast and Low is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Hi Everyone,

With the new year started, I’m inching ever closer to final release! When Fast and Low gets put on Final Release, i still plan on adding new maps every few months….however it just means I wont be consistently adding new features to the game.

Today I’ll be releasing 2 of the 3 Bonus maps for Fast and Low. These can be found in the “Bonus Missions” area of the Mission Select Screen. The app version is now 1.98

Breach and Clean

Officers Faust and Lo are tasked with investigating the Bubble Wave Cafe….what hides behind it’s cozy jazzy facade?

Techno Showdown

Time to hit the downtown core and see what the nightlife has to offer!

Updated Voice Work

I wanna give a huge thanks to “Hamsterfactz”, who was kind enough to provide me with a ton of great voice work for the Male Civilians and for some of the Flamingo enemy types. I’ve also spent a good amount of time finding/incorporating new lines for the female civilians.

Height Offset Option

  • VR Players can now adjust their height in-game. This can be found in the Avatar Customization page
    Sometimes Steamvr makes players shorter or taller than they actually are. Now you can use this feature to offset that and force your preferred height into the game!

Misc Fixes

  • Valve Index: Arresting/Turning/DropMag functions moved to the Joystick instead of being only on the thumbpad
  • Ivan in Mission 1 now automatically gives up upon seeing the player (giving players less reason to shoot him!!)(new voice work was adding for him as well!)
  • Fixed Sights not showing up for FPS players for several guns
  • Fixed ADS issues for FPS players when using Shotguns
  • Fixed missing textures for VR weaponry in the shooting range
  • Fixed missing Sights for VR weaponry in the shooting range
  • New Weapon sounds for AK, Tec, G36, and Glock
  • Resized some of the furniture in Map 1
  • VR guns no longer scale with Player size.
  • Updating my games Steam Splash art!
  • Updating my Fast and Low game logo

As always, thank you everyone for your feedback and support so far! Please let me know if you find any problems either in the discord or in the comments section.


Source: Steam

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