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Father of Messi Speaks Out on Saudi Proposal


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Argentinean Jorge Messi, the father of star Lionel Messi, denied rumors about the possibility of his son’s transfer to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal, as well as his refusal to go to training at the French football club Paris Saint-Germain.

And French network RMC Sport reported that Messi did not participate in Paris Saint-Germain’s training on Thursday to raise questions about him ahead of the last match, ahead of the international stoppage.

Recent press reports have claimed that Messi’s father demanded that Al-Hilal pay 600 million euros in order to sign with the club, while other reports reported that there were problems between Lionel Messi and the management of Paris Saint-Germain due to for renewing his contract. , which expires next summer.

Famous Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano, who specializes in transfer market news, posted a “tweet” via his Twitter account in which he wrote that Jorge Messi refutes three stories, namely:

– Leo leaves the session on Tuesday due to problems with the hosts.

– Paris Saint-Germain is not ready to accept Messi’s conditions for signing a new contract.

Messi demands a salary of 600 million euros from Al Hilal.

Romano attached his “tweet” to what Jorge had posted from a newsgroup linked to Messi via his Instagram account and commented: “Fake news! How long will the lies last? Where is the proof? wrong.”

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