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Federal Reserve of United States Increases Interest Rates by 0.25%


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The US Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate by 0.25 percentage points to 5-5.25%.

And according to a statement by the US Federal Reserve on Wednesday, the US authorities are aiming to achieve an inflation rate of 2% in the long term, and based on this, the interest rate was increased.

The statement indicated that the Federal Reserve will take into account the visit of the interest rate when determining measures to strengthen monetary policy.

He added that the Board remains cautious about inflation risks, stressing that the US banking system remains stable.

Notably, the Federal Reserve raised the interest rate for the third time since the beginning of this year, as it was raised by 0.25 percentage points in February and March. And in 2022, the interest rate was increased by 7 times.

Source: agencies

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