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Feeling stressed or exhausted in middle age can increase your risk of dementia!


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A study found that feeling stressed or overwhelmed in middle age can increase the risk of dementia.

While most people struggle to balance work, family, and social responsibilities, it is not uncommon for mental health problems to arise.

The researchers found that it could increase the risk of brain disease by 24%. A team from the University of Helsinki followed 68,000 people for 45 years, asking participants to fill out questionnaires about psychological symptoms.

The analysis found that those who said they “frequently” experienced stress, depression, nervousness, or burnout—as early as age 45—had a 17% to 24% increased risk of developing dementia.

The reason for this association is still not clear, the scientists said, but it is important to understand risk factors for the disease.

“As the population ages, memory disorders are becoming more common,” write the study leaders in the Gamma Network Open. “Naturally, this makes it important to understand their risk factors. From a psychiatric perspective, it is particularly interesting that, using modeling, “we have established an association between symptoms, associated with mental disorder, and organic brain disease. In this study, symptoms of a psychological disorder were significantly associated with an increased risk of all-cause dementia.”

They added that the link between depression, fatigue and dementia was only reliably found in men.

They write that this may indicate that the degree of symptoms may be more severe among men, who report depressive symptoms “more often” and are therefore more strongly associated with an increased risk of dementia. Daily exercise can help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Source: Daily Mail

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