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FIFA and Others reach out to Al-Ahly from Egypt on the occasion of its founding anniversary


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The Egyptian club Al Ahly celebrated the 116th anniversary of the founding of the Red Genie, one of the oldest Egyptian, Arab and international clubs and one of the most titled clubs in the world.

And the official Al-Ahli Club account on Twitter yesterday, on Monday, published a tweet dedicated to its founding, which said: “116 years of glory.. 116 years of happiness.. 116 years of Al-Ahli. ..”

???? 116 years of glory..116 years of happiness..116 years of Al-Ahli.????
???? Every year you decorate clubs ????

– Al Ahly Club ???? (@AlAhly) April 23, 2023

Swiss Marcel Koller, the technical director of Red Giant, also sent a message to celebrate the occasion via his Facebook account in three languages, including Arabic, in which he said: “Like today, 116 years ago, the Al-Ahly Club was created as a national organization based on values ​​and principles! 116 years of glory… 116 years of achievements and championships… Happy birthday, my family.

FIFA was keen to congratulate Al Ahly Club on its founding day in a message posted on the official World Cup Twitter account, which stated: “Al Ahly Company is ending 116 years of existence, 116 years of existence. achievements, brilliance and titles every year, Al-Ahli and his fans.” The petition is fine.

Kayan Al-Ahli turns 116 years of existence ????????

116 years of achievements, brilliance and titles ????

Happy New Year to Al-Ahli and his wide fans ????

– FIFA World Cup ???? (@fifaworldcup_ar) April 24, 2023

The Al Ahli Club also received a congratulatory message from the Algerian team ES Setif and posted it through their Twitter account, stating: “The ES Setif Club sincerely congratulates the sister Egyptian team Al Ahly. Club on the occasion of the 116th anniversary of its founding…”.

ES Setif Club sincerely congratulates the brotherly Egyptian club Al-Ahly on its 116th anniversary ????@AlAhly ????????????????????

– Entente Sportive Setifien (@essetifien) April 24, 2023

On this day in 1907, the first meeting of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club was held at the house of Michel Anas in Giza under his chairmanship and consisting of: Idris Ragheb Bey, Ismail Sri Pasha, Amin Sami Pasha, Omar Lutfi Bey, Muhammad Effendi Sharif.

For 116 years, Al Ahly Club has managed to write its name in golden letters into history, as it has become one of the most titled clubs in the world championships, as well as being crowned the Club of the Century in Africa, and the most titled club in the history of the Egyptian and Arab football.

Source: agencies

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