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FIFA Requests Financial Compensation From Saudi Arabian Youth


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The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled in favor of Villarreal, Spain, in a communication it filed with FIFA against the Saudi youth club.

And this is in the so-called deal with striker Javier Ontiveros, according to which the Saudi club will pay 4 million euros, which will go to the treasury of Malaga, where the player grew up.

This decision cannot be appealed and in the event that Al-Shabaab fails to pay this amount, FIFA will penalize it by not being able to register new players in the following markets.

Malaga sources said the 3-club deal dates back to the 2018-2019 season.

This is when the Andalusian club conceded Senegalese midfielder Alfred Ndiaye and Ontiveros to Villarreal for the €6 million that Al Shabab paid – in exchange for the former – to the Yellow Submarines to complete the Malaga deal.

Villarreal refused the Senegalese to Al Shabaab, who paid the initial amount of two million euros and was supposed to pay another 4 within a month, but he did not.

FIFA demanded that Al-Shabaab pay four million within 45 days a year and a half ago, but the Saudi club ignored the demand.

Source: “Wakalat”

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