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For a huge amount.. How much will Paris Saint-Germain win in the Riyadh Season Cup match?


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Press reports have revealed the amount of money Paris Saint-Germain will receive for participating in Riyadh’s Cup of the Season match against Al Hilal Stars and Al Nasr, Riyadh’s Cup of the Season.

This evening, Thursday, Paris Saint-Germain will play Riyadh’s Cup of the Season against a team made up of Al Hilal and Al Nasr stars, in a match that will feature the Portuguese star for the first time. Cristiano Ronaldo. as a player of the Al-Nasr club.

The Daily Mail has indicated that Paris Saint-Germain will receive an amount of £8.8m in exchange for participating in the Riyadh Season Cup match.

The newspaper added that much attention will be paid to Ronaldo’s first appearance in Saudi stadiums, where he will wear the Riyadh Season team armband.

The Riyadh Cup of the Season match will be the 37th clash between Cristiano Ronaldo and his traditional rival, Argentine star Lionel Messi, in their football careers, and possibly the last between them.

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