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Forecast for Weather in Moscow on Saturday


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Moscow, March 25 – Cloudy weather, sometimes rain, up to 12 is expected in Moscow on Saturday, Mikhail Leos, a senior employee of the Phobos weather center, told the News Agency.
“Today, the weather in the capital will be determined by a hurricane centered over Karelia. At the beginning of the day, Moscow and its suburbs will be in its warm sector, and at midday the influence of the cold atmosphere from the west will affect. 12 degrees is the maximum temperature in Moscow, plus 8 – plus to 13 in the Moscow region, ”said Leos.

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According to the forecaster, the wind is expected to be southwest, from 4 to 9 meters per second. The atmospheric pressure will change slightly, and the barometers will show 737 mm of mercury, which is below normal.

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