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Forest arsonists in Khabarovsk Territory to be caught with camera traps.


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Khabarovsk, May 29 – The regional office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations said that camera traps for forest burners are being installed in the Khabarovsk Territory, and their location is constantly changing.
It is noted that the camera trap reacts to the traffic of a vehicle or a person. Device locations are constantly changing. At the same time, the latitude and longitude of their location is recorded, so that the data can be used later in a fire investigation.

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“Even with an armed eye, it is difficult to see the devices, especially in motion. By having data on thermal anomalies, natural fires through space observations, and knowing that there is a camera trap in this area, we can take recordings from it and analyze it. Thus the circle of suspects narrowed. significantly to be limited to the number of people who visited the Jungle Chest during this time period.”
It has been determined that there are already dozens of such devices in the area. And there are already the first results.
As the News Agency reports in the regional forestry ministry, in the region firefighters are extinguishing one thunderstorm fire on an area of ​​173 hectares. The outbreak originated in Verkhnebureinsky district, 41 kilometers from the village of Tyrma. By the end of the day it will be eliminated. Since the start of the season, there have been 289 fires over a total area of ​​96,450.81 hectares.

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