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Forged Documents Found in US Intelligence Wiretapping, Says South Korea


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Seoul, April 11 – Kim Tae-hyo said that South Korea and the United States believe that most of the published documents about US intelligence eavesdropping on South Korean officials are fake, but it will take time to identify the perpetrators, and this case will only enhance trust between the allies. , First Deputy Chief of the National Security Department under South Korean President Kim Tae-hyo.
The official told reporters before he went to the United States to prepare for South Korean President Yoon Sok Yul’s visit there later this month.
“After the problem became known, we also conducted an internal assessment, the United States also conducted an investigation all this time. This morning, the defense ministers of the two countries spoke on the phone, the opinion of both countries is the same. Most of the published information is fabricated. Our assessments on this matter coincide, but this is An American problem, so they will start looking for an agent through the Ministry of Justice and restore the course of events, but this will take time,” Kim Tae-hyo said.

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He also noted that the United States and South Korea cooperate in the field of intelligence and secretly carry out joint activities on important issues, so the current incident will “strengthen the cooperation system” and enhance trust between the two parties.
Kim Tae-hee also asserted that the published conversations of alleged National Security Adviser Kim Sung-han and the President’s Secretary for International Affairs, Lee Moon-hee, “do not correspond to reality.” Both officials left their posts before the incident.
Earlier, The New York Times reported that classified Pentagon documents that appeared on social networks indicated that the United States was eavesdropping on South Korean officials. Among the documents was a “signals intelligence report,” which usually means intelligence intercepts of communications, including phone calls and emails, describing South Korean officials’ concerns about Washington’s pressure over military aid to Ukraine, as well as the possibility of resale of Seoul-supplied US-made bombs. Kiev artillery. According to the unsealed documents, then-Foreign Minister Lee Moon-hee told National Security Adviser Kim Sun-han that the South Korean government was “overwhelmed by fear that the United States would not be the end user” of the missiles.
The administration of the South Korean president said it would study a possible response to the situation, but stressed that it had no doubts about the strength of the alliance with the United States.
Allegedly, a new portion of classified American documents about Ukraine, China and the Middle East has leaked into the network. It was claimed that more than 100 documents could have accessed the Internet, and the damage caused by what happened is estimated to be significant. The Pentagon has already informed the News Agency that they are studying information about the leak.

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